Improper Zoning

Zone B has no real historicity – or at the most a mere 1-2% of Zone B might have some real historicity. This tiny portion does not justify the enslavement of 10 square miles of properties to serve as a secondary district to Zone A’s historical buildings (most already owned and protected by the state) and businesses. Since this is true, there simply is no legal basis for placing or keeping Zone B under historical standards.

Historically, it is told that the fear of “corporate America” moving into Zone B and someone building a large-scale Mariott hotel or something like that was the motivation behind designating Zone B as “historical.” What is confusing here is that zoning laws are the proper legal implement to control what is permitted to move into a particular zone. Every city, county, township, or village in the country has functional zoning legislation and is able to maintain control of the various zones but somehow Lincoln county seems locked into the dark ages and does not have zoning legislation – or so the excuse is given.

Removing Zone B from the historical ordinance (where it does not belong) and zoning it (where it does rightly belong) seems to be the ideal solution – provided no zoning board replaces the historical board! For ex-Zone B properties, there would only be two options:

  1. single-family residences (with only home-based businesses allowable) or
  2. agricultural (farm or ranch).

Simply restricting new construction to something with an old western style would preserve the flavor, ambience and environment in Zone B just as well as what allowing the intrusive wealthy elitists coming in from somewhere else has done! It is rumored that there is an anti-agricultural agenda at the county level and that this is one factor that prevents zoning legislation. If one looks at the property maps of Lincoln, there is one section that looks like a subdivision plan has already been approved – is Zone B enslaved just to keep this subdivision from being completed? Whatever the real reason, the county, and especially Lincoln, remains without zoning legislation.

Purportedly the enslavement of Zone B has been done to appeal to the tourists. But tourists aren’t nearly as discerning or invasive as the over-zealous historical board members. Most tourists (as well as most Lincoln County residents!) don’t even know that the historic zone extends out 5 miles each way along the highway! Some county commissioners have not even known that! Most tourists rightly surmise that the historic district should begin at the cemetery and end at the pageant grounds.

Providing tourists with a view that enhances their likelihood of stopping in Zone A Lincoln (which is clearly recognized as not being a destination site where tourists intend to go) is neither compensated for nor even rewarded in Zone B. Zone A businesses make their few bucks and Zone B only gets oppressed and forced to pay the added expenses of building according to an outdated standard. Zone B homeowners don’t even get to vote for or against the petty despots who rule over the historical district!

What tourists will see from the road is not nearly as important as preserving the Zone B property owners from the petty, oppressive, arbitrary and dictatorial powers of the historical board. Zone B must be restored to its American heritage. Now.