The Unanswerable Question We Can't Talk About

Neil Girrard
April 3, 2021

There is a question that no GOP adherent, cheerleader or zealot can accurately answer:

What all is wrong with the GOP party?

If any reader considers themself to be a loyal Republican, please try to honestly and objectively answer this question before reading further.

Karen Bedonie recently said,

"I am different. I don't care that I don't fit into the Republican political box. I'm a conservative. I am a Republican. I am a New Mexican. I define my party as we all should do. I make our party interesting. Make your stroke, fellow Republicans. The old guard is only as strong as the phone calls they make at zero hour behind the curtain."

This statement raises at least two supremely important questions: 1) What is the Republican party? and 2) Who gets to define it?

The NM GOP party machine is only 0.2% of the registered voting Republican population. This means that 99.8% is silent or muzzled or at least ignored. Further, Republicans are only around 40% of all registered NM voters - 40% of all voters means that the party itself is out of touch with 60% of the state's population. In reality, the NM GOP party machine is a tiny fringe element and the state party chair, Steve Pearce, who was elected by only 76 votes out of around seven to eight hundred party machine votes, is a 10% chair of a 0.1% following. This reality flies in the face of what most perceive to be the Republican party in New Mexico.

Some in NM GOP are promising and endeavoring to overtake the party from within as if it will be an easy thing. Reality is, however, this will most likely prove to be an impossible task. There are two signposts that will show whether these ambitious folks have any chance of actually accomplishing their quest: 1) the revising of the NM GOP state and county party rules and 2) removing Steve Pearce as state party chair.

If NM GOP cannot get the rules changed, changes will not even be able to be made until the end of this election cycle and those changes will likely be too late to use the GOP to salvage our American republic and values. NM Congressional District 1's nomination of Sen. Mark Moores to run for US House Representative is an excellent case in point. As the vote shows, the NM GOP party machine in CD1 is split roughly 50/50 between establishment RINOs, sycophants, cheerleaders, etc. and conservative patriots.

Until Republicans can completely answer the question of what all is wrong with NM GOP (and Steve Pearce is only the tip of the iceberg), they have no hope of changing GOP from within. Until NM GOP holds a state central committee convention (SCC) to change the "sacred rulz" of their mystery religion cult, true change is illusory and evasive. Until then, any action is just noise, smoke, mirrors and/or wishful thinking.

If the NM GOP cannot oust Pearce - and so far no one in NM GOP even seems to want to seriously talk about that - they have no realistic hope of primarying out RINOs and jellyfish either. The party machine has defined the GOP party for too long and has itself too deeply entrenched by way of their "sacred rulz" to be easily changed from within - and too many people within the party still think it's just a matter of counting votes, a problem involving only simple math, and have not reckoned with the ability of entrenched narcissistic, sociopathic and even psychopathic bureaucrats to wield the rules against their challengers.

Any answer a GOP cheerleader or zealot gives will be superficial or incomplete. Yet, this same GOPite will assure us that they are going to truly change the party so that the RINOs and spineless career politicians are outed. No sane or rational person would take their car or truck to a mechanic who could not recognize and diagnose the automotive problem but somehow these ambitious renovators can somehow miraculously fix a problem they cannot even accurately identify. How they can make any realistic changes while not knowing the depths of errors and flaws within the party machine is a conundrum they simply cannot process.

Thus there is an interesting phenomenon happening among GOP zealots, especially ones embedded somewhere in the party machine, that goes something like this:

It begins with some complaint about how GOP does its business. It can be as simple as noticing that the GOP party machine is comprised of less than one quarter of one percent of the registered Republican voters. It could be a recognition that the party machine leadership is comprised almost entirely of wealthy white people who don't recognize their own sense of entitlement and elitism. Any valid observation will suffice to trigger this sequence.

The most common response is some form of the question, "Are you involved?" And it is often asked with disdain because the one asking it is already embedded in the tiny minority of the party machine and therefore holds the unassailable moral high ground of being unquestionably right. If the observer is not involved to the extent that someone from the party machine is (which only less than one quarter of one percent can be) then that person's opinion is eligible to be rejected outright. What a convenient escape hatch for a GOP zealot who cannot answer the simple question, "What all is wrong with the Republican party?"

If the conversation continues, a standard response to the idea that the GOP is fatally flawed and a third party is required, a Patriot Party that truly puts America first and that does not merely use that phrase as its latest sound bite, will be that "A third party must fail and it will only split the vote." This response fails to recognize that the Republican party was a third party in its day and that this response draws on the entitled elitism that causes the GOP zealot to presume that the Republican party, having been around longer, is blindly presumed to hold the moral high ground - in spite of the corruption and traitorous treason so many of its elected members routinely practice.

From there the conversation most often devolves into the GOP zealot personally attacking the one who dares to question the methods of the GOP party machine. And all of this is simply a defense mechanism to avoid and obscure the fact that the GOP zealot simply cannot answer the question, "What all is wrong with the Republican party?"

The result is that the very real problems of the Republican party cannot be talked about. At all. Even though the Republicans are promising to take over the party at the precinct level, these newbies and novices to politics don't even know and cannot articulate what all is wrong with the party and they are programmed, perhaps by their inclusion in this entitled elitist tiny minority club, to not be able to rationally evaluate their own party's flaws. But nonetheless, we're assured, they'll be able to primary out the RINOs and spineless GOP career politicians. When this doesn't happen, it will require yet another two years after this election cycle that ends in 2022 to be completed before yet more newbies and novices can be elected to make more "changes" to the GOP party machine. By that time, America will likely be communist or invaded by UN backed military forces.

It is a Republican's inability to adequately understand what is wrong with their party that is the primary cause behind their inability to be able to hold a rational conversation about the flaws of the party - and failure to address the real flaws and built in traps will be the primary cause behind the upcoming failure to change the GOP from being controlled by RINOs and spineless jellyfish career politicians into a party that truly puts America first and special interests and foreign interests last.

There are many factors that contribute to the flawed condition of the Republican party. Here are some of them:

The RINOs and entrenched career politicians are much more experienced at political infighting and will perform a number of "dirty tricks" or, as Bedonie said, make "zero hour phone calls from behind the curtain" in order to maintain their own personal hold on power. Simple, well-meaning, vote-counting politics of honesty and decency is not going to oust the RINOs from their perches. Such rhetoric is the RINO's bread and butter while their treacherous actions are completey contradictory.

The Republican Party, in part because of the construction of its rules of operation, is virtually impervious to infiltration. New members must be accepted by old members unless voted in by a significant number of supporters. Only people who are "like minded" or "supportive" of the party are sought after - all others are ignored or discouraged from participation. The usual GOP stereotypes are "wealthy," "upper middle class" or "blind GOP zealot or cheerleader." Others may be tolerated for their vote and milked for their donations but they're never trained for taking power.

Because the party machine is only a tiny percentage of NM registered voters, it has become a fringe viewpoint, mostly that of the corporate interests who buy politicians like single mothers buy children's clothes at yard sales and thrift stores. NM GOP practice is the precise opposite of the America first ideology that so many conservative patriots hold as the core element of their patriotism.

The NM GOP surreptisiously holds to an unwritten rule: "He who knows the rules, rules." This has been restated by at least one person currently high in the state party machine as: "if you don't know the rules, you don't know how to win." This is a recipe for tyranny, oppression and even narcissism but it is not a recipe for American liberty and excellence. NM GOP has forgotten how to work and live according to the American founding fathers' rules of a constitutional republic that only "moral and religious" people can uphold. There is simply too much corruption within the GOP party machine for it to rightly claim the title "moral," though many are "religious." Jesus talked about such people as well - and not favorably.

In the face of this simple question that Republican loyalists cannot answer stands an unprecedented tsunami of challenges to overcome, not the least of which is the Communist and leftist educational indoctrination occurring at looniversities, high schools and elementary schools alike. It has been rightly depicted that nearly all the dystopian novels have come true in various ways and we stand in the very middle of all of them.

Simple politics that fight against a corrupt and evil global dystopia is not likely to win against what has been assembled against honesty, decency and good natured conservatives. But this insight alone will not stop patriotic conservative Republicans from bringing their knives to this gunfight.

Until a Republican can answer the simple question, "What all is wrong with the GOP?", with some accuracy and depth, there is no hope that such a Republican has any chance of either confronting the cultural and spiritual revolution occurring within our society or even of actually changing the GOP party from within. When someone is able to answer this question with accuracy and depth, one clearly recognizes that there is only the slightest of slim chances of changing the GOP from within and will work instead to build a new party that can truly overcome the corrupted uniparty of the Democrats and spineless RINOs who have long ago abandoned and betrayed America.

If America survives the latest GOP betrayal and the next inevitable GOP betrayal, such a party of conservative patriots will arise and may be able to quickly clean corruption out of America. So long as conservative patriots are duped into thinking they can change the GOP from within, there will not be sufficient numbers on either side to make any significant changes. And the Republicans will still blindly blame the patriots for "splitting the vote."

Only time will tell the outcome of this gridlock dilemma.

Neil Girrard can be reached for questions or comments at or on Telegram @Neil_AFP_NM. His other political articles can be found here.