Tyranny Without Representation

That L.M. Smith, because of his implied threat to burn the Girrards out, should have been immediately removed from the historical board is obvious to everyone but the historicals and those under their influence. Smith, precisely because he has become too personally involved in what this board is and does, should be permanently barred from holding any board position in Lincoln ever again. This matter should have been immediately dealt with by the county commission (the only entity given authority and responsibility to watch over the historical board) at their July 17, 2018 county commission meeting and it is only jicky politics that kept it from being dealt with then and there.

It is not hard to see that those opposed to Smith are prevented from freely speaking with any of the county commissioners (even though commissioner Elaine Allen at the July 2018 LPHB meeting deceitfully declared to the people there that the Girrards had been invited to the meeting to present grievances to commission chairman Stone and herself as if that were the same thing as speaking to the county commission whom we had requested to deal with Smith’s improprieties. See Allen’s statements and the Girrards’ response here.) If the Girrards or anyone who sees the insanity of the historicals tries to speak to the commissioners it is called ex parte communications. But it is patently obvious, especially from the circumstances of the July LHPB meeting, that all sorts of behind the scenes maneuvering went on about the Girrards’ request to the county commission to have Smith removed. Why are those opposed to Smith and the ordinance gagged when no one else seems to be?

For anyone unfamiliar with how the district is structured, the board members are not elected at all by the people whom the board judges but are instead appointed by the county commission. Creating a further chasm between the board and the people, the recent changes in restricting public input to two minutes prior to any meeting and removing public discussion time from the agenda leaves absolutely no possibility for the community to know what the board members are even like – until, like L.M. Smith, they start issuing implied threats to burn out those people they don’t like.

There simply is nothing at all in Lincoln resembling the electoral process which made America as great as it has been. Rather, Lincoln’s methods have devolved into that of appointing cronies and elitists whose “good intentions” are simply hell for the community. The greatness of America is not to be credited to the “superior” moneyed or college educated elites – those have most often done more harm than good. Rather, the credit for America’s greatness must go to the rank and file people who have laid down their lives and exercised their right to petition and to protest and to vote in and out their leaders who have curbed the excesses of America whenever it has departed from healthy practices. That is what has made and kept America great.

Since the people of Lincoln can only vote for one of the five county commissioners that appoint the board members and cannot vote for or against the board members at all, this is nothing but tyranny without representation, power without accountability. The excuse has been put forth that the village of Lincoln cannot afford to have regular elections. If this is so, then the county must pay for the elections or the board must be dissolved or at least removed from jurisdiction over Zone B. Democracy may be financially impractical but it is highly preferable to the tyranny of rogue bureaucrats who are only held accountable for their actions with great difficulty, as this situation with L.M. Smith clearly evidences.

For any Zone B resident to effect any change in the board – no matter how obvious a board member’s infraction might be – the issue must be placed on the county commission’s agenda by a county commissioner, the resident is limited to 3 minutes of input during the public input segment of the meeting and any number of jicky practices can be called upon by the county or by a county commissioner to keep the issue out of the public meeting and thus out of the public’s attention. It is especially chilling to see with what disregard for truth, due process, proper procedure and even judicial fairness and with what impunity from consequences the historical board and some county commissioners conducted the July 2018 LHPB meeting. It is obvious from Preston Stone’s comment that the commission’s support was for the board and to keep the board “strong” shows that there is no concern whatsoever for the people under the tyranny of Zone B. (See Stone’s statements and the Girrards’ responses here.) Again, this is tyranny without representation.

One of the key protections within the historical ordinance was that every resident could appeal any action of the board to the county commission who, presumably, at least a majority were above and free from the insanity of the historical party. When the ordinance was revised in 2004, commissioner Leo Martinez would not vote for the ordinance without being assured that this provision was in place as he rightly called the LHPB a “stinky board.” The events of July 2018 clearly shows that even this token remedy has now been taken from us as well. Life within Zone B truly is now complete tyranny without representation!

“We all declare for liberty; but in using the same word we do not mean the same thing. With some the word liberty may mean for each man to do as he pleases with himself, and the product of his labor; while with others, the same word may mean for some men to do as they please with other men, and the product of other men’s labor. Here are two, not only different, but incompatible things, called by the same name – liberty. And it follows that each of the things is, by the respective parties, called by two different and incompatible names – liberty and tyranny.” (Abraham Lincoln, 1864)

Herein lies an essential difference between socialism and individualism – a difference that resulted in untold misery under the Nazis and the Soviets and that will do the same in this country and that is one of the most serious defects in the historical ordinance. The “liberty” enjoyed by the historicals manifests as tyranny upon others and none of the historical party seems able to understand this, let alone are they willing to make any changes except to maintain or even strengthen their stranglehold on Zone B. The historicals value the view a tourist has from the highway (which apparently someone believes helps bring in a few dollars to a few businesses) more so than they value the individual, inalienable liberty each homeowner has to live their life in a home that looks and feels as they choose.

No American ever died so that Lincolnites could impose their will on others but countless millions of Americans have died so that all Americans, including Zone B homeowners, could be free to pursue life, liberty and happiness. The hypocritical “historical” standards of Lincoln are a spit in the face and a piss on the grave of every American who gave his or her life for their country.