Crisis in the New Mexico GOP

Pearce’s Jicky Re-election to the State Chair

Neil Girrard
Dec. 12, 2020

On December 7th, the Republican Party of New Mexico (RPNM) held a State Central Committee (SCC) election for the new chair positions. In the days leading up to the event, proxy voters were excluded – some say proxies have never been excluded in the past, some say the state rules call for their exclusion. At least one delegate who believed they had a right to be there and to vote, was denied. One of the party chair candidates, Geoff Snider, was not on the original email list and required being announced later. Nothing suspicious going on here – move along folks.

The election itself was a night of confusion. Because of Covid restrictions (actually because the GOP also believes the deceitful lies of the Governor about Covid and refuses to research and resist), the meeting was held on Zoom. Candidates were given only two minutes to speak – reportedly this is a first in RPNM history. Votes were taken by @Text2Vote, a company out of Texas, reportedly another first. A witness also reports that during the voting, while other candidates were in a virtual waiting room, Pearce seemed to take advantage of their absence to manipulate voters into voting for him and those candidates whom he favored. When the meeting closed, the race for the chair stood at: Steve Pearce, Eddie Aragon and Geoff Snider separated by 1 vote each for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Overnight (doesn’t this sound familiar!), a computer error was discovered and the race was changed to Pearce 76 votes, Aragon 47, Snider 41. Since only about 25% of the SCC was present to vote, Pearce’s 44% of the election votes represents only about 10% of the total SCC. Apparently there is no numeric minimum in RPNM state rules for a quorum – if anyone on the call list shows up, a simple majority wins.

Eddie Aragon (Rock of Talk) had made a campaign promise to hold a full election in March 2021 if he were elected precisely because he saw how few SCC members were going to participate. Pearce apparently saw this minimal number to be to his advantage since RPNM state rules already limited voting to those who had been county officers or delegates elected two years ago! RPNM state rules are slanted in favor of the old guard – no matter how well or badly an election goes, those in place are the ones who get to vote for the next state chairs. An election in March would not be so weighted in Pearce’s favor.

Why has Pearce fallen into disfavor with many Republicans? Because he has failed to produce results outside of his “politics as usual” box. He has failed miserably in combating Governor Grisham’s tyrannical power grab, neglecting to file the kind of lawsuits that have won in other states or that could have slowed her unconstitutional abuses. The one lawsuit he did “organize” failed miserably and only attempted to reduce the amount of money a business could be fined by Grisham’s Gestapo Health Dept.

Pearce plays politics as usual fairly well - making speeches, catching photo ops, gathering donations, etc. But politics as usual will not keep New Mexico from becoming a socialist dystopian disaster. Also, politics as usual seems to include manipulating the party chair election so that a maximum number of Pearce supporters and a minimum number of those who opposed him were all that would be voting. In this backdrop, the question naturally arises, was Snider really registered in time or was he added to be sure to split the opposition vote? Hmm.

All this boils down to the simple fact that a state chair elected by only 10% under these questionable conditions will never have the confidence of the party or the people. It will result in a party split.

And this is the perfect time for a split. Milling around in the grassroots is the beginnings of a Trump/patriots party. We have two years before the election in which this grassroots effort can raise up local, county, state and federal candidates who are committed to Trump’s vision of America First that can compete with the Republican/Democrat uniparty. Some are already calling this the America First Patriots party.

It is widely known that far too many Republican politicians are spineless. Pearce is no different. He has refused to call for grassroots organization, protests and resistance against Grisham’s Communist takeover and seems unable to motivate people toward that end. The election lawsuits now being conducted are reported to be the work of Team Trump, not Pearce.

Let the weak spineless Republicans cling to Pearce. A party of Trumplican patriots frankly doesn’t need or want them unless they can spine up. Trump roused the sleeping silent majority – the Republican party did not. The silent majority is silent no more and owes no allegiance to the GOP who has as much corruption embedded in it as the Democrats do and who have demonstrated that their loyalty is not to America but to themselves or their party machine or worse, to Chinese efforts to destroy America. Here in New Mexico, only those politicians who will loudly call for an audit and investigation into the Dominion software allegedly used to weight votes in favor of Biden and other Democrat candidates are likely to be in office honestly. Almost all New Mexican politicians – Republican and Democrat – are silent on that subject!

America and New Mexico has no time to play politics as usual. As necessary as ballot audits, roll cleanup and voter registration are, they are impotent without a rousing call to the patriotic heart of loyal Americans who will then gladly fight and sacrifice for our threatened republic. Politics as usual in this situation constitutes simply yet another threat to our republic.

Neil Girrard can be reached for questions or comments at or on Telegram @Neil_AFP_NM. His other political articles can be found here.