Overview of the Conflict
Between L.M. Smith and the Girrards

by Neil & Cindy Girrard

If we were to put a bottom-line summary of our opinion of this conflict which has erupted since Smith delivered his implied threat to burn us out, we would have to say that Smith takes himself far too seriously, takes his role as chairman of the board far too seriously and overestimates the importance of the “historical” nature of Lincoln, especially Zone B. After listening to his comments in January 2018, it is clear that, even though the county has evidenced absolutely no interest in doing anything toward us to change the appearance of our home during Smith’s tenure on the board, Smith has apparently burned for years with irritation because of our home’s appearance. Any “ongoing” issue about our home lies in Smith’s festering imagination or his own private communications and this is further evidenced by his false claims that he has made at various LHPB meetings about us. Though the board’s victims are required to vow to speak “the truth and nothing but the truth,” Smith (and the other board members) can use any deceptive slander or gossip they happen to want to believe. This only makes Smith a gossip and a liar. Anyone foolish enough to receive that as valid testimony is simply a fool.

According to the July LHPB meeting’s poorly written minutes, Smith declared that his statements are “fact in his brain” and that his statements “may have been tacky or inappropriate but truthful.” By simply listening to the comments Smith made in January 2018, it is obvious to many that Smith is building his supposedly “factual” and “truthful” opinions on gossip, slander, false information and personal opinions. Gar-bage in, gar-bage out is still a true-ism and this means only that Smith is either deluded or delusional. It is very likely that Smith privately presented his private delusions to the county commissioners and, because we were not allowed to answer him in an open forum but the county did all its maneuvering in private communications, he was believed. Now we are here to set the record straight.

Smith used mis-information and dis-information and, between him and some of the county commissioners (especially Preston Stone and Elaine Allen, whose husband, Rory McMinn, is Smith’s lifelong friend and character witness), arranged what can only be called a jicky, kangaroo-court setting for the July 2018 historical board meeting where this issue was to be “resolved.” Though we had requested the county commission (who alone has the authority) to remove Smith from the board (as his comments so clearly indicate that he should be removed no matter who they were about), without any public discussion and never once listening to anything we had to say, the county commissioners sent the matter back to the historical board and we have heard rumors that this action was taken so that we would be without any possibility of appealing the decision. Of course, nothing was put in writing. If you don’t receive honesty and honorable conduct from your government, something is very wrong with your government!

As for this July 2018 LHPB meeting, we can only say that if one is able to stack the deck it is not hard to win a hand. We are quite certain that a truly fair hearing before an impartial jury would produce a very different result. This is why we are going to present the truth on this website and we will see where this all goes after that. Jicky politics and kangaroo courts are the trademark of those who know their issues can’t stand up in the light of the public eye. The maneuvers of the historical board and the county commissioners only show that truth and justice are not the primary purposes of our current local government. Embarassing and pathetic and sad are the only and most accurate descriptors we can find to use.

We will provide more specific details and rebut every lie that L.M. Smith and others have used in this travesty in other sections of this website. It is our opinion that anyone willing to provide lies, slander and misinformation in a formal setting such as this board meeting supposedly about Smith’s implied threats has no place on either the historical board or the county commission.