When one lives in the historical district and bumps up against the board and its actions (as sooner or later one must do), one almost immediately encounters multiple layers of hypocrisy.

Yet there is still an even deeper level of hypocrisy at work in the district. Chicken coops and “mis-colored” roofs or fences of isolated individuals are forced into “compliance” but buildings like board chairman L.M. Smith’s Virginia colonial mansion and Pennsylvania Dutch barn (which are completely intrusive to the historical standards of Lincoln) and ex-board chairman Reginald Richey’s intrusive Swiss chalet and Doc Adams’ intrusive Santa Fe adobe mansion on the hill and Farnsworth’s intrusive California log house fantasy and others are allowed to remain without question or comment or even mention.

Utility sheds are deemed of more importance in the historical district than are one’s inalienable American rights. Millions of Americans have died for those rights to be preserved but the historicals disdain those rights as worthless in comparison to a tourist’s two second drive-by view. The historicals have exalted their ordinance and hypocritical practice of “historical preservation” to incredibly ridiculous heights.

Yet those in power in Lincoln disdain even the standards of their own ordinance and build pretty much however they wish – often with some form of official approval. It is evident that even their own beloved historical standards are something to be circumvented and ignored by those who crave most the power available in Lincoln.

But even more insane is the simple fact that anyone would seek power in lowly, isolated Lincoln! Seeking power in Lincoln has to be an all time low, a scraping of the bottom of the barrel, for power cravers! Yet the board attracts such people like a magnet attracts iron! Current county commissioner Elaine Allen seems to have been the only one so far able to crawl out and attain to any real power (albeit even that is only at the county level) – of course, some people say that happened only because no one else wanted the job enough to oppose her! When her term expires, this vacuum must be filled with someone more responsible to the people and to the American way of life!

Simply put, government can never be run in any healthy or beneficial manner when hypocrisy and deception is the main staple of its diet and the primary output of its officials.