Can the Patriot Party Cooperate With the GOP?

Neil Girrard

Many people are saying that the new Patriot Party PACs should support GOP candidate primary runs and they are arguing that the Patriots just need to get involved within the GOP as precinct committeemen who vote on who runs in the primaries so as to take over the GOP with a sweep of MAGA. While every state has somewhat different rules, it's already too late in some states to take over the GOP at the precinct committee level for this election cycle. Further, the GOP rules are written in such a way that, generally, the precinct level is only used as a means to back the most "popular" and most "electable" GOP candidates, that is, popular and electable according to the GOP "experts," those puppeteers and king makers whose task in life it is to get elected the people who dance to their tune. Most people at the precinct level don't know the first thing about the internal GOP rules and are easily manipulated because of the unwritten GOP rule that "he who knows the rules, rules."

Some have observed that there are four hundred thousand GOP precinct committeman seats across the US, only half of which are filled. They are not filled because the GOP doesn't want them filled, especially not with ordinary people. The GOP has little "boxes" that, if a person doesn't fit into them, they're just not considered good GOP material and they're not groomed for advancement. Generally, the GOP's acceptable boxes are labled "wealthy," "upper middle class" or "blind GOP zealot or cheerleader." Those who differ from these boxes may be tolerated for their vote and milked for their donations but they're never trained for taking power. That's reserved for the power mongers and their sycophants and intellectual groupies who, for the most part, is the group of RINOs who support the narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths currently backstabbing both Trump and America.

Some are saying that Trump is backing an internal take over of the GOP. If so, this will prove to be short-sighted because not even Trump can save the GOP at this point. The corruption runs too deep and will not be rooted out. Most likely, this plan will only split the GOP between the establishment RINOs and the conservative Republicans and insure that Republicans lose the elections because so many have seen what the establishment RINOs have done to America and Trump. Many Patriots have already left and simply will not come back because not even Trump can pull back all the ones who know their vote has been stolen, they've been disenfranchised and their American rights and liberties betrayed. The 2020 election steal was not stopped and election fraud has not even been addressed, let alone corrected. Under this condition, a conservative win is only a colorful piņata held far out of the blindfolded child's reach.

One even has to wonder if Trump's incredible winning streak has been broken. We must realistically face the fact that he did not win the election even though he won the election. He did not drain the swamp - the swamp seems to have defeated him rather soundly as cheating is now a perfectly acceptable and entrenched precedent in America's political system. From various reports, it seems his campaign and administration has been taken over by advisers who are significantly out of touch with the realities on the ground among the people. This may be a perception Trump wants to have at the moment but it has not been lost on many that Trump did openly back obvious RINOs (as in Georgia) when the establishment put them in place and no other choice was available. To turn again to the same GOP bureaucrats who betrayed him and us seems to many to be an unthinkable course to take as it is asking us to make the unconscionable choice to support traitors to America.

Still further, even if the plan to take over the GOP is "successful," it will only solve the short term solutions of 2022. It will not build the framework needed to move on in 2024. It will only leave us with entrenched RINOs who have again become coat-tail Trumpers more interested in the power they will recieve or retain than in the America first principles that must be embraced, pursued and enforced to make America great again. Politics indeed can be a dirty game at times but when America First has to be sacrificed to put in a RINO who will only later betray America because everyone is expendable to their own perceived special interest, it is a no-win scenario.

Simply put, we still need the Patriot Party as an independent entity with America First as its prime directive. The GOP is only fighting for its own survival - the survival of the party is what guarantees that special interest groups, including foreign entities hostile to American interests, will be in a position to provide wealth to politicians who will "play ball" with them. The GOP, as is true of the Democrats, are the "talent scouts" that recruit "ball players" for the "big league." The only reason GOP pays lip service to the America first ideals now is the growing power of Trump's followers, the people and resources that should be rightly and wisely directed into the Patriot Party and not squandered on the GOP. With or without Trump's direct support or involvement, the Patriot Party must continue to organize because it is inevitable that GOP leadership will again betray MAGA and America.

We The People need a way to vet people thoroughly for the public offices. This is of utmost importance and simply will not be done in or by the GOP. The GOP is looking for "ball players" who will compromise with special interest groups. The GOP works to see that the people get hoodwinked by those like McConnell, Romney, McCain, Cheney, Wray, Barr, Kavanaugh and Barrett who in the end, prove to be failures for America. In contrast, the Patriot Party is looking for grassroots activists who are already committed to causes that benefit the people, aiming to give them real power to make real changes in the laws that have enabled elitists to build a political system that benefits only the elites at the real expense of the people. The elitists have weaponized the laws against We The People and we must not pretend that this is still just politics as usual in America. The Patriot Party rules must be written in such a way that the elitists cannot easily penetrate the party as it has the GOP/Democrat uniparty.

Unfortunately, without Trump openly backing the Patriot Party, it could take a decade or more to see any real recognition and true organization across the fifty states and in all congressional districts. We probably don't have that long to effect changes. America will probably not survive the next betrayal by the GOP/Democrat uniparty - it may not yet survive this one. We need the Patriot Party to continue to grow because, within two elections cycles, we'll be back in the same situation of needing to be free of perpetual, professional career politicians because the GOP will continue to make promises it never intends to keep.

If the Patriot Party is forced to cooperate with the GOP, it should not be as a Patriots Caucus within the Republican party though such a caucus may be created by well-intentioned Republicans who still wrongly believe the party can be renewed and rebranded. Instead, the Patriot Party should be built up as a separate and independant party that will in due time replace the GOP. The Patriot Party is being built from the ground up with rules that support and even preserve the America first agenda - the GOP will never change to that extent. Because the Patriot Party is in a formative stage, it can agree to back some GOP federal races and even some statewide races within the individual states.

However, the reality is that the GOP is suffering from at least two fatal conditions. First, it is currently hemorrhaging members badly because of its recent betrayals of Trump and America. And second, it already suffered from low membership and activism in many states because it long ago abandoned precinct level involvement that not even a new patriot infiltration can fix. Most independent and certainly JFK style Democrats who are disillusioned with the communistic left have no desire or intention of becoming Republicans and any party that cannot draw these kinds of voters into its ranks will not survive. The GOP is simply and severely out of touch with the heart of most people who politically align just right of center.

As a result of these two fatal conditions, the Republican party must stand aside as the Patriot Party builds up at the precinct level. This will ensure the death of the corruption-riddled GOP that serves special interests but it will also ultimately ensure the survival of our American ideals, liberties and responsibilities.

If there is a supposed majority of conservatives and patriots within the Republican party, a true Patriots Caucus who want to remain in the GOP, let their goal be a true transfer of power from the old corrupt party (that has outlived its usefulness to America and her people) to the new power that is built from the grassroots up to ensure that America survives and even thrives. It would indeed be much simpler and wiser if, all the "Dagney Taggerts" who uphold the family railroad and thus its looters ("Atlas Shrugged") and all the "Boxer" draft horses who enable the rule of the pig Napoleon ("Animal Farm") would simply walk away from the GOP and work to build the new Patriot Party that can accomplish so much more than the GOP ever will.

But if all the GOP can offer is more politics as usual with the same old career politicians, there can be no cooperation between the Patriot Party and the GOP. If the GOP will not recognize worthwhile Patriot Party candidates but instead insists on electing its own RINOs, under what sane rationale should the Patriot Party be expected to support the GOP's candidates, especially since so many of them are the same kind of spineless corrupted RINOs that have brought America to this dire condition? We cannot keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.

One more aspect of the usefulness of an independent Patriot Party is found in this: according to the GOP's internal rules, the party machine is not supposed to interfere in or influence the primary elections of the various Republican candidates. In contrast, the Patriot Party is free to endorse and vote for any candidate it chooses to back - even a Republican who truly is a conservative and patriot. In some states that have a closed primary, it is required that the voter be registered as a Republican in order to vote in the primary. In such states, choices will have to be made in advance and the consequences of these choices made clear to the voting public.

Cooperation between the two parties is not the best route to take but it may prove to be necessary and the route that is forced upon both parties. In short, cooperation between the Patriot Party and the GOP must be a two-way street or else it will only be a dead end - for both parties and for America. This is the crossroads we are in and our choices now will determine where America goes from here, indeed, whether she survives as a republic or not. Choose wisely.

Neil Girrard can be reached for questions or comments at or on Telegram @Neil_AFP_NM. His other political articles can be found here.