Neil Girrard
June 10, 2021

Why does Steve Pearce's Dec. 7, 2020 jicky election to the NM GOP state chair still stand? Answer: The rules. NM GOP's "sacred rulz" whereby "He who knows the rules, rules" the NM GOP mystery religion cult. In other words, the smartest kid in the room gets to be the bully. The party rules can be "interpreted" (twisted and distorted seems more appropriate) so that Pearce technically and "legally" did nothing wrong so therefore his election must stand.

As an aside, this is the demented kind of thinking behind the success of so many laws being weaponized against conservatives and patriots now. As was said so long ago, the letter of the law kills but the originating spirit and intention behind it brings life. Enemies of order and justice spin, twist and distort the meanings of words so that the intent of the law is lost and it is used against people in a wrongful manner.

There are a number of conservative patriots who are Republicans who still believe that they can revamp NM GOP from within. Unfortunately, these well-intentioned folk are short on answers when they are asked "What all is wrong with the Republican party?" (For a further treatment of that question, see "The Unanswerable Question We Can't Talk About" here ) Nor can they answer exactly what - or who - is a RINO. Some of these folks hide behind the ludicrous excuse that they cannot reveal all their strategies about how they plan to overtake NM GOP, failing to recognize that they're simply being the next set of elitist "experts" who will fix the problem so that the majority of people can simply sit back and wait to be rescued as well as failing to see that they're just playing one more variation of the non-transparent, non-accountable GOP theme song.

There are specific questions that must be answered and the members of especially the Rules Committee must be confronted and challenged on their views to these questions.

  1. Should a state party chair be elected by only 76 votes?

    Should such an election be allowed to stand?

    Is it NM GOP's intention that a chair that can only muster 10% of the party's support be allowed to retain the power of the chair?

    Is it really the intention of the party rules that such a tiny segment of the party should be enabled to remain in power?

    What difference would a second runoff election between Steve Pearce and Eddie Aragon have made?

  2. Should a mere 122 people decide whom 135k+ registered Republicans will be voting for?

    Should a candidate be endorsed to run when only 40% of this tiny group of people voted to endorse him?

    This was the case in the recent Congressional District 1 special election where Mark Moores, whom many consider to be a RINO, was pitted against Melanie Stansbury and he lost by a nearly 2 to 1 ratio (47k votes vs. almost 80k votes) and only about 35% of the district's registered Republicans came out to vote.

    Is this the best NM GOP can do?

    What difference would a second runoff election between Mark Moores and Eddie Aragon have made?

  3. Why are the people (over 99.8% of registered Republicans) prevented from voting for any of the state party officials?

    Should individuals who are never elected by the people have complete say over which candidates will run?

    Who in the party machine really gets to decide which candidates will be supported and which will be opposed within the party?

  4. There are two unwritten rules that guide NM GOP more than the written rules: The Golden Rule ("He who has the gold, rules.") and the similar rule of power. ("He who knows the rules, rules.") Both of these rules are contrary to the American ideals of power belonging to the people (and not just a wealthy aristocratic few) and to moral excellence (not power belonging only to a few sociopathic power mongers who know how to manipulate and coerce others into their own agenda).

    Is it the intention of the party to remain focused on what benefits the wealthy and power hungry few or does it truly intend to be the party of the people?

    Is it really the intention of the party to build America first (as is now touted as its latest slogan) as the land of the free and the place of greatness with the tools of tyranny and oppression?

  5. The NM GOP party machine has slots for 500 to 800 people (depending on varying analyses) that purportedly represents 425k+ registered NM Republicans. NM Republicans have dwindled to about 40% of the state's registered voters and over 99% of registered NM Republicans have never voted for anyone in any party position.

    Why is this?

    Is it done intentionally?

  6. NM GOP is recognized by many to be corrupt and is often openly called the uniparty that works in cooperation with the Democrat party to maintain a balance of power that obviously favors various special and even foreign interests.

    Why is there no way to remove politicians, officials and party members who clearly demonstrate their corruption and/or disloyalty to American ideals?

  7. Why are the committees formed by NM GOP and their inner workings kept secret?

    For example, virtually no one (except a tiny handful within the party machine) really know what the rules say, let alone how to wield them so as to gain power or to achieve beneficial goals. Few even know that there is a rules committee and very few seem to know (or want anyone to know) what the process of amending rules actually is.

    Is this done deliberately?

  8. The party rules are written in a legalese, cryptic manner so that virtually only lawyers are able to interpret them.

    One example is the election of party officials, especially at the precinct and county representative level. It seems that only those precinct and county representatives (not referring to the party chairs and officials) who are elected immediately after an election are entitled to vote at state and county conventions (if convened). Precinct and county representatives who are not elected then may later find their vote cancelled by this "technicality."

    Is this really the case?

    Why is it that the seated GOP crew (no matter how few or how ineptly they have performed in the most recent election) are the only ones allowed to vote for the new state party officials?

    That is, the county elections (whereby new people are brought in at the county and precinct levels) occur after the state elections are held. It will be two years before any new people can exert any influence on the state party election. Is this intentionally designed to keep the status quo as the status quo?

The Rules Committee should be grilled on these questions and answers demanded for why these kind of atrocious actions are permitted. By the way, just who is on the Rules Committee, how did they get there and what are their unstated personal agendas?

The very people who demand that we call, write, email and pester our local, county, state and federal legislative representatves about their own pet initiatives are almost entirely silent about calling, writing, emailing and pestering our local, county, state and federal Republican party "representatves," especially about challenging the bedrock policies and practices that keep the entrenched establishment RINOs in power. These people will shame anyone who doesn't participate in their call-in campaign, who doesn't show up at their protests, meetings or gatherings, or who doesn't volunteer as much as others do - but they don't dare call for the ax to be laid to the root of their tree.

So long as the party contents itself with devising a strategy that includes mission statements, vision statements, messaging about strategies to build a network of people to win and still fails to address the heart problems that exist within the already divided NM GOP, the results will be similar to the milquetoast "Respect New Mexico" campaign - a superficial attempt to remind people of the "nice" things about New Mexico and its peoples but which provided nothing that people could really rally around. Messaging and slogans that don't come from the heart will not reach a people who are ill-informed by deceptive media, programmed by deceptive "education" (leftist indoctrination) and bought off by government entitlement programs. Only a message of and from the heart that reaches the real needs and desires of real people will accomplish this. A party that refuses to acknowledge, let alone confront, its own sins is incapable of such a message and will never reach a generation who desires truth and justice and not elitist snobbery and racial inequality.

When NM GOP recognizes its own fallacies, foibles, errors and sins, then and only then will it be able to find what it needs to reach people in ever increasingly desperate life situations. So long as NM GOP is led and fueled by wealthy elitists whose greatest trial has been financial setbacks in their stock market portfolio or by arrogant "experts" who just know that their own ideas are exactly what is best for people they have little to nothing in common with, failures like the Moores election are the most likely political forecast for New Mexico.

Perhaps the baby (the corruption riddled, establishment favoring, power monger enabling rules and all the blinded and sociopathic RINOs) does need to be thrown out with the bath water and replaced with a party of people who are not politicians and “experts” but who simply want to preserve American individual liberties and responsibilities, ideals abandoned by far too many in the GOP party machine (though, of course, they still give those ideals lip service in order to manipuate and coerce others to accomplish their self-serving agendas). So long as people remain unable to answer “What all is wrong with NM GOP?”, so long as people remain unable to recognize what exactly a RINO is, so long as people fail to understand that America first and special interests, foreign interests and personal greed are direct opposites, NM GOP will continue to be a dying dinosaurs club and will forever wander in the desert, begging scraps from the Democrats.

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