Neil Girrard
Feb. 16, 2021

It's not every day that you catch Mike Huckabee being wrong.

Mike Huckabee:

Should conservatives and Trump voters pull out of the Republican Party and form a third party? I say, "Absolutely not! No!" And I'll tell you why. Why in the world would those in the overwhelming majority be the ones to leave? The Never-Trumpers are a very small minority, mostly a bunch of DC swamp rats who hate Trump because President Trump disrupted the business-as-usual flow of the Beltway. And the loss of prestige, power and prosperity to those who have gotten rich and powerful by snubbing middle-class working families in favor of globalist multi-national corporate titans is the basis of the intense hatred of all things affiliated with President Trump. But why would those in the majority walk away from the Party and its infrastructure to leave it in the hands of a selfish and self-righteous super-minority who just miss the days when they made big money by pretending to be conservative when in fact they were not and they're nothing more than political parasites? There you go.

So, the notion of creating a third party is nonsense. It's a recipe for disaster. The parties are, like it or not, the track upon which the political train runs. And if you take away the track, and there's only one thing: guaranteed derailment. So, if the Liz Cheneys, Mitt Romneys and Lisa Murkowskis and the so-called Lincoln Project leaders want a split in the party, I'd tell them what my pastor has said about people getting mad and leaving the church. "Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya." That's what he says. Yep.

The principles of the current Republican Party are putting America first, building back our economy by energy independence, standing up to China's bullying, realigning relationships in the Middle East, gettting out of endless wars, standing strong for the sanctity of human life and religious liberty, cutting taxes so that working people can keep more of what they worked for, ending big government regulation that strangles small businesses, and securing our borders and insisting on immigration being legal. Those are the principles that are embraced by Republicans and Independents and even some Democrats who are sick of being looked down on by elitist snobs. We don't embrace socialism nor a nanny state. And if a small but loud group of self-serving Republicans don't want to be part of that party, let them leave and form their own party.

And by the way, some are talking about it, but they already have a party they support: the Democrats. We should stay, build upon the movement and keep electing like-minded conservatives by inviting the disaffected and the political underclass to join with us. The launch of a new or third party, it just makes no sense for those of us in the majority of an existing party. I mean, if there are a hundred people in a restaurant and 99 are not smoking in a no-smoking space, it's really easier to simply tell the one smoker to step outside than to disrupt the dining experience of the 99. This is no time for pro-life, pro-free enterprise, pro-liberty people to leave the party. It's time to recruit more people, organize better and win future elections and take control of the political process. And to those who want to return us to being that silent majority who shuts up and follows blindly off the cliff, we let them know that we're staying and we're gonna, in the words of my pastor, remind them, "Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya." ( How Could A Third Party Be A GOOD Idea? )

To begin to answer this, I must say that I'm a fan of Governor Mike's. I don't know that I can really say that about anyone else. So, my answers, though of course tinged with regret that Mike would take this side of the argument, I hope my answers still reverberate with respect for a man I don't often find to be this wrong in his opinions.

Generally, GOP has 2 types: RINOs and Republicans. RINOs are corrupt. They don't hesitate to break laws when they can secretively get away with breaking them. They covertly lie, cheat and steal but now they'll just give up power willingly and without playing dirty tricks while patriots who don't know the political ropes just come in blindly, gropingly and ineptly trying to take over the reins of power. Sure. That'll happen. Nope. It won't ever happen. The Republican Party in my state has an unwritten rule: "He who knows the rules, rules." Implied is, "Pity the poor fool who comes in and bungles their way into power in the GOP." This Republican recipe for tyranny and narcissism will not be so easily overcome.

Mike asks, "Why would those in the majority walk away from the Party and its infrastructure to leave it in the hands of a selfish and self-righteous super-minority?" Do we really think the tyrannical and narcissistic RINO power mongers never saw that there would be a day when they would be outnumbered and have to fight to cling to power? They've always been the minority of the power machine, they've always been clever chameleons about concealing their true agendas, they've established the party rules so that it will take years to flush them out and they are not going to just roll over and quit for patriots coming in to change the party apparatus. What the Republicans have been unable or unwilling to remove from their ranks for decades will not be suddenly voted out by an influx of people because the people are purposefully kept out of the voting process of the GOP political machine.

Republicans who are in the upper circles of power, like Mike, generally don't see how even the well-meaning among the GOP make little boxes that, if a person doesn't fit into them, they're just not considered good GOP material and they're not invited back - much like the lone smoker who is expected to leave the restaurant to go outside and smoke his cigarette. Generally, the GOP's acceptable boxes are labled "wealthy," "upper middle class" or "blind GOP zealot or cheerleader." Others may be tolerated for their vote and milked for their donations but they're never trained for taking power. That's reserved for the tiny super-minority that, for the most part, is the group Mike is talking about. The few, like Mike, who climbed the rungs of power without losing his humanity are an even tinier super-minority.

Let's be clear. There are two types of people talking about forming a third party. First, there is the Trump patriot party. Of these, there are two types: the sincere people who truly want to see America first principles put into practice and who don't believe the GOP party machine is the slightest bit interested in that. And the second type are those insincere few who want to be the first to grab the name "patriot party" so as to wield power like the GOP RINOs do or to sell merchandise to the less than discerning people who are disgusted with the Republican Party's open betrayal of President Trump and America.

The second group of people that are now talking about leaving the Republican party are the Never-Trumpers and RINOs who see the hand-writing on the wall that the GOP is dying if not already dead. These chameleons tried to be Coattail Trumpers while Trump was in power but now that he has exposed the GOP's dark underbelly and is out of office, they know that the days when, as Mike said, "they made big money by pretending to be conservative when in fact they were not" are done. There is no longer a reason to remain and pretend. Also, the RINO's departure can be a way for the swamp to trick conservative patriots into remaining in the deep state dominated Republican Party.

There is another factor to this argument, a personal one. Mike wants his daughter to be elected Governor of Arkansas. For what it's worth, so do I. I believe Sarah Huckabee Sanders is one of those Republicans who does embrace America first principles and she is one of those who, like her dad Mike, has climbed the rungs of power and still retained her humanity. But this personal desire is not a valid reason for all of us to remain in the dying dinosaurs club of the Republican Party. Perhaps, Dad Mike, is a little blinded because of his love for his daughter and his desire to see her succeed. Understandable, but blindness is always a recipe for disaster and not every state has such a high quality Governor waiting in the Republican wings.

Mike's "Republican" principles are really Trump's principles that some of the Republican Party has laid claim to - a questionable claim at best, certainly one not supported by history as it was Pat Buchanan who first used the phrase "America first" at a 2000 RNC convention and was never invited back. The new party that is the Trump patriot party truly puts America first and doesn't just give that philosophy lip service. Some Republicans still support abortion and resist (or at least ignore) anti-abortion laws that would protect pre-born life, especially in the early stages. Not every Republican supports tax cuts nor are the existing tax breaks for the super-wealthy ever seriously challenged by the GOP either. Illegal immigration creates a slave class that enriches Republican donors almost as much it does Democrat donors. Endless wars benefit neocon Republicans too and the hands of GOPs are in the Chinese, Iranian, Israeli and globalist pockets almost as much as the Democrats. And while the Republicans are quite loud about the various issues they espouse, it has become the norm that the GOP says but does not do. And while it's easy to point out the "Liz Cheneys, Mitt Romneys and Lisa Murkowskis," we must not forget the Mike Pences, Mitch McConnells, Lindsey Grahams, Marco Rubios, Kevin McCarthys and Dan Crenshaws that are of the RINO class as well. Nor should we forget that even the Tom Cottons, Josh Hawleys and Ted Cruzes have turned against President Trump when they should have had his back.

Mike says, "The parties are, like it or not, the track upon which the political train runs." This is precisely the problem. The Democrats and Republicans have become a uniparty system that prevents power from ever reaching the people. Only a third party, truly based on what Mike mistakenly calls "Republican principles" but which are truly the America first principles, will be able to overcome both parties. In short, it will be the jet airplane that transcends the need for railway travel and it will restore the American republic that the Republican party has long since abandoned by joining itself to the Democrats in uniparty. Though the GOP still gives lip service to American principles with a touch more sincerity than does the Democrats, it has outlived its usefulness. Nostalgia for an outmoded form of travel is just not a significant enough reason to remain in the Republican party.

Why leave the Republican Party? Because we can enter a party where the rules are built to advance America first philosophy and there is no entrenched bureacracy that fights to keep professional politicians in power and money. The Republican Party will never take on election fraud because election fraud is how too many of the RINOs get into office. The GOP will never take on political corruption because special interest groups are the source of the real money and power for the career politician. The GOP does not look to community leaders and activists for its candidates - it still has a core group of professional politicians to maintain - too often lawyers who have been softly liberalized and indoctrinated at some lie, er, law school. Make no mistake - Republicans have taken Chinese money as surely as Democrats have. The swamp has infiltrated the Republican party and, like yeast, it is harder to take the yeast out than never to put it in. Let the "selfish and self-righteous super-minority" cling to their "infrastructure" - they have that and they have some large donors but they don't have the hearts - and votes! - of the people that have given their hearts to Donald Trump and his vision of America first.

And should conservative patriots find a way to infiltrate the Republican Party and actually take it over, the time and effort required to overcome the entrenched RINO bureacracy of the Republican Party will be more than it will take to build a new party from the ground up. How do we know this is true? Because the Patriot Party is already forming and making inroads to the American people that the GOP simply cannot make, in spite of Mike's advice to "recruit more people, organize better and win future elections and take control of the political process." If this were not the case, Mike would not feel the need to speak about it on his show. In addition, should conservative patriots succeed in any real measure inside the GOP, the resulting split between the elitist RINOs and the conservative patriot Republicans will only be a house divided that will not stand - or win elections. Sorry, Mike. It's just too late for the Republican Party to survive. Its decades-long slow suicide by corruption was culminated in its blatant rejection of the best American President ever and its betrayal of the due process and legal procedings of the American republic, opting to embrace fraud rather than truth.

One last spiritual point - and it is worthwhile to note that dealing with the GOP is much like dealing with a mystery religion cult - Mike relies heavily on his Christian pastor's humor to not "let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya," referring to people leaving churches. Unfortunately however, in the Bible, sectarianism - enforcing the "believe as I believe or leave" philosophy - is a serious sin that prevents one from entering into and experiencing the kingdom of God. Further, it is not very loving, a trait which is supposed to be the first duty of a Christian and of a pastor. It's actually very divisive. There are many who honestly and sincerely believe that attending church is to be more Satanically deceived than is leaving the building God said He would never dwell in. That is, many people leave a corrupted church so as to honestly and sincerely follow after Christ wherever He leads them. It is well known that church buildings can perpetuate religious hypocrisy and blind zealotry for empty knowledge that is contrary to truth and genuine righteousness. Perhaps this pastor isn't as wise as Mike believes - and Mike is not so well served by blindly following his pastor's divisive quips that is too often just a pastoral mechanism to protect the cash cows interspersed in his flock.

You're better off sticking to the Scriptures and following that Spirit of truth that leads us into all truth, Mike, and I sincerely hope you'll rethink all of this because the notion of remaining in a corrupted, anachronistic, out-of-touch dying dinosaurs club - whether it be a church or a political party - is the real nonsense. We must pursue God and country in sincerity and honesty or we will neither find the former nor build the latter. America, the land of liberty, simply cannot be built with the tyranny and treason that the Republican Party has embraced.

God and America first is the only way forward from where we're at. Everything else is a return to the vomit that has gotten us into the mess we're in. However painful this truth might be for some, the sooner we embrace it and plunge headlong into what needs done - building a new party free of the corruption of RINOs - the sooner we can rebuild a strong America. It is not the left that is killing America so much as it is the weak, spineless right who does not know how to fight off the evil of the left because the Republican Party for too long taught us that all we needed to do was to vote for and donate to more Republican career politicians. The same old song and dance will not bring forward a dawning of a new day. Only hard work and integrity will do that.

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