A House Divided

Neil Girrard
Jan. 23, 2021

A house divided against itself cannot stand. Some people are advocating for an infiltration of the Republican party so as to be able to get conservative patriotic candidates elected into office. Their thinking goes something like this: If we can just get people into the party machine who are conservative patriots, we can then run conservative patriots and all will be well. We must do this because only parties with built up infrastructure have any chance of winning elections.

First, this idea fails to reckon with the built in rules of the GOP party. Here in New Mexico, only those who have just this month been elected get to vote - in two years! - for the next set of party officials, the people who set the pace and direction of the party machine. How much further will New Mexico be buried under the communistic power grab of the leftist Democrat party when these new innovators within the Republican party finally get their chance to wield power?

We just had the state party election in December. Only 76 people voted to keep the party chair - and he won with that small number of votes. In a party of 425 thousand registered voting members, less than 200 people were allowed or were motivated enough to vote for the now reigning chair. GOP's unwritten rule - "He who knows the rules, rules" - is a recipe for tyranny, jicky politics and even narcissism and it will never produce American liberty, responsibility and excellence.

The state chair is the person who is (or at least historically has been) the most connected with where the available money is spent. The chair greatly (and too often covertly) influences which candidates will receive aid, that is, which will succeed and which will fail. This isn't supposed to happen. But reportedly it does. Everyone seems to know that it does but no one stops it just like no one stopped the chair's recent jicky election.

The party rules are designed to keep the status quo in place. Power is not to be shared - it is to be hoarded and kept in "trustworthy" hands. Certainly not to be subject to influences from the people!

Second, this idea that the Republican party can be infiltrated and changed from within can only be partly successful. In one county, someone just took over the chair who has some Tea Party kind of ideas and is attempting to do this kind of infiltration and change from within rather than work toward establishing a new party. Even before taking the county chair, she has already been called to the carpet by the party's powers that be, the accusations against her based on hearsay and misrepresentation of facts. Why she believes she will somehow gain their cooperation and support later when she puts forward conservative patriot candidates who align more with her ideas borders on insanity.

In other words, infiltration will have only one of two results. 1) It will divide the house and cause it to collapse - or at least lose elections. Simply walking away from the house now will do this much quicker and there will be fewer casualties "inside the house" when it falls. And in the meantime a better house could then be built. Or else, 2) the incoming innovators will be absorbed into (or at least nullified by) the corruption and resistance to change that exists and is entrenched in the party, in this case in the establishment RINOs who are more interested in retaining power than in initiating changes that benefit We The People at the expense of the powerful and wealthy corporations that control the world.

Let's face it. The core conservative values of most patriots include obsolete and inconvenient things like honesty, transparency, accountability, equal justice for all. Corporate wealth is built on cutting corners, riding the backs of ignorant slaves (employees), taking advantage of people who are less aggressive than the corporate sharks, etc. Big tech, big corporations have much more to offer politicians - usually with several more zeroes. Lost however is personal integrity and morality. One's soul.

The Republican party was never constructed to combat the corruption. A new party can be - and will be. It will have to be or else greed and dishonesty will be the downfall of both our political system and our nation. The majority of people already feel and know they have now been entirely disenfranchised of their vote. Both major parties - Republican and Democrat - demonstrating their own self-serving agendas has only reinforced this.

Only a new party can reach out to the disenfranchised voters. The GOP, like the Democrats, have betrayed the trust of the people. The new party must be built from the ground up and incorporate accountability and transparency - both in the political party and among the candidates who will become our representatives in public office. Anything less will be just a return to the pigslop the uniparty has dished out for us for decades and we might as well continue to hold our noses and vote for the GOP RINO plant of the season.

It's time to stand and fight for our republic. We must leave the old ways behind and move forward into the new.

Neil Girrard can be reached for questions or comments at neilgirrard@gmail.com or on Telegram @Neil_AFP_NM. His other political articles can be found here.