Who's Got the High Ground?

Neil Girrard
Jan. 27, 2021

GOP is quick to hurl this accusation at the Patriot Party (or any other third party): You're only splitting the vote and making sure the Democrats win!

Really? Is the GOP really entitled to the moral high ground just because they've been around the longest? Is it not equally true that the GOP is just as guilty of splitting the vote and enabling the Democrats to win the elections? Could not the patriotic conservative Republicans simply abandon their crime and treason filled party and join in with the Patriots and elect the Patriot candidates?

Rasmussen just came out with a new poll: 53% of Republican voters support a Trump 3rd Party! Over half are dissatisfied with what the GOP has become enough to believe that a new party is a good idea. Let that sink in!

This poll further shows that a Patriot Party would drop the GOP into 3rd place. GOP would suddenly be the 3rd party.

The mere fact that GOP has seniority is not an excuse any more than if a tired old racehorse loses a race to a young and strong racehorse or if an incompetent worker can not keep up with competent producers or if a dishonest manager is replaced with an honest one. If the GOP truly disagrees with the existence of 3rd parties, it is the GOP who should disband immediately - or else they should own their hypocrisy and stop shouting about 3rd parties.

Let us look at the motivations involved here. The Patriots are simply done with tolerating the corruption of the GOP/Democrat uniparty system. They want public officials who represent the interests of the people, not the interests of the politician and the big money, big corporation, big government, globalist interests.

The Republican party, on the other hand, wants to cling to power and wealth, to continue to be the underdog party that can spout off about all the problems in the world but never have to actually do anything to solve them.

It's too late GOP. Trump has exposed you for what you are and We The People are not going back to your pig slop.

Here in New Mexico, if a Steve Pearce or a Jim Townsend or any other RINO gets elected, how is that different from a Democrat being elected? Oh sure, Pearce and Townsend will say different words and purportedly espouse different ideology but at the end of the day, the liberal/leftist agenda will move forward. Pearce will issue a mean email or tweet, whining about how they tried but failed because, well, just because. And the same old story, politics as usual, will have another page written in a very long chapter.

Listen to any Republican candidate when they are asked what kind of plan or action they have for almost any problem in society, their answer will be some variation of this theme: "Vote for me and I will work for you in Congress." But when they actually get there, they may say all the right things but somehow, the needed solution either fails entirely or is so watered down by the time it hits the finish line that it amounts to a failure.

We The People need to be done with putting placeholders for the Communist takeover into power. Since it makes no real difference whether it's a Republican or Democrat in DC, in the State Roundhouse, the County Commissions, the City and Village Halls and on the local School Boards, let's fight to put real conservatives there.

If the GOP wants to divide the voting block by remaining an institution of corruption and misdirection, that is on the GOP. The new Patriot Party will not receive the guilt trip that GOP zealots and cheerleaders try to put forth while they deny their own guilt in this matter.

The Patriot Party is returning to the grassroots, not only to the 53% of Republicans who think this is a good idea but to the JFK style Democrats who couldn’t see making the transition to becoming Republican, to the many Independents, Constitutionalists and Libertarians that can see that together we can now have a powerful home base, and to the disenfranchesized and disillusioned voters who can no longer stomach holding their nose and voting for the lesser of two evils. By putting America first, community leaders can be trusted with the power of public office because they will make necessary changes while keeping beneficial policies in place.

This is what America was supposed to be all along. Great because great people get to do great things instead of being squelched into non-existence because a greedy politician cares more about his career than his country and presumes himself wiser than the constituents being milked, abused and robbed. When America is ruled by people who care about her, she will again thrive. When this kind of change becomes reality, truly the best is yet to come.

Neil Girrard can be reached for questions or comments at neilgirrard@gmail.com or on Telegram @Neil_AFP_NM. His other political articles can be found here.