The GOP Trap

Ambition to Insanity

Neil Girrard
Jan. 10, 2021

The first week of January 2021, in which so many Republicans demonstrated their previously concealed hatred and contempt for Donald Trump, has only served to expose the lies, greed and hypocrisy of the Republican party. At the same time, here in New Mexico, the Republican party is gearing up for it's biannual elections of county officers.

There are two counties (which I will leave unnamed - for those who presume to know which counties, you may be correct) who present an excellent insight into how the GOP ensnares its people. In one of these counties, the officers are mostly elderly representatives of the dying GOP dinosaurs club while the other county has younger officers who are reputed to be genuine patriots - but both are working to change the party from within. In both counties, the officers are convinced that the GOP still offers a framework of infrastructure that can be used to remedy the things that are wrong with our national, state, county and local communities. All of these people self-identify as "patriots" or else they would not be involved in politics.

Here we begin to see the trap. These people are ambitious. They aspire to achieve something greater than a "normal" 8 to 5 work existence focused on their own lives and families. They want to make their world a better place. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter that they don't seek power for themselves - it only matters that they seek power. This is not to say there is anything particulary wrong in and of itself with seeking this power. Only that it is the seeking itself that propels these people into the trap we're examining. That is, the person content with their "normal" 8 to 5 work existense is not drawn into this trap in the same way. This article intends to shed light on the trap and point to a way out.

These people with this aspiration to wield power in order to bring about beneficial change are faced with 3 options:

  1. Do nothing. Walk away from the entire struggle and forge a life for themselves that ignores the problems in our society, culture and government. In some ways, this is the solution the people who settle for that "normal" 8 to 5 work experience have opted for - though it also must be said that this problem has been around since before the time of Andrew Jackson and that most people need to be workers in order to keep the economy functioning.

  2. Join the GOP. Work within the existing political system. Be content to "hold your nose" and vote and work for candidates you know have issues you would not condone nor tolerate if "the other guy" wasn't just a little bit worse. We'll examine the fallacies of this approach more deeply in a moment but let us recognize this is the second logical alternative.

  3. Make a third alternative that works. A new party is a solution that has been tried before and has most often failed. It should be noted, however, that the Republican party itself began as a third party to promote the abolition of slavery so the "third parties always fail" myth is just that - a myth. Never before has a third party risen in the context of needing to step away from a party system so corrupt it can only be called treasonous to our American way of life. Nor has there been such a surge of populism driven by so capable a leader as Donald Trump has proven himself to be. Trump's "coattails" are powerful indeed and will carry a new party further along than any other historical third party has enjoyed.

So let us now examine the fallacies of choosing the second option.

First, the Republican party - with all of its corruption, self-seeking, power hungry career politicians - will continue to exert its influences and grip tighty its fading power. New Mexico's state GOP is still led by Steve Pearce (who now also holds a position on the national Budget Committee) who has continuously demonstrated his inability to fight for New Mexico outside of the box of "politics as usual," who continues to promote himself and his own poltical career and who still indulges his propensity to promote only those people and issues which pose no harm to himself. New Mexico's Republican party has become little more than Steve Pearce's hobby horse that he rides to accomplish his own unrealistic agendas, most likely a stint in the Governor's mansion.

That New Mexico's GOP is little more than Pearce's hobby horse is evidenced very well by the fact that only 172 (of what should have been 750 to 800) party members were able to or interested in voting for this year's crop of Republican party officials. Being elected by only 76 GOPs (10% of the party machine) is hardly a vote of confidence and the fact that no one has subsequently objected to this jicky election speaks loudly of the blind subservience of the party machine to Steve Pearce.

Second, the first week of 2021's Republican betrayal of Trump has caused much of Trump's 70 plus million supporters to have a loathing and revulsion for the Republican party equal to (in some cases greater than) their loathing and revulsion for the Democrat party! And rightly so. The Republican party is only the placeholder portion of the uniparty system that keeps We The People from being able to see the changes that benefit the people and not the corporations and politicians. These 70 plus million are not going to donate to the GOP, will not volunteer for the GOP and will instead oppose it and seek to support a Trump patriots candidate. The GOP has suicided itself and the wise political activist will recognize that now.

Third, every action someone on a county level takes in the context of the Republican party, will only prop up and support a party that has betrayed its base and ideals, a party that is destined to fail precisely because of this betrayal. Every action thus wasted on the Republican party is an opportunity denied to build the Trump patriots party that is going to rise up and combat the Democrat/Republican uniparty system that is crippling and even destroying our republic.

Simply put, those who hope to utilize the infrastructure of the GOP to accomplish something different are simply indulging in the insanity of repeatedly doing the same thing and hoping for a different result.

Only by putting American interests first can we build a strong nation able to withstand and overcome the evil intentions of power-hungry narcissists and psychopaths who rule their own nations with iron fists. This is a no brainer. That so many of our GOP polticians have ignored this simple reality is precisely why there is a need for another political party whose prime directive is "America First!"

Refusing to be the props and supports that hold up the dying Republican party is the wise solution to the trap the GOP represents. We need no longer support corrupt and self-serving politicians. We can find - or BE! - the patriot who serves his or her community and people by representing their interests on the local, county, state or federal level. Republicans, Democrats, independents of all kinds who see that America first is the prime directive we must all serve are all welcome within the patriots party. For those who personally dislike the man Trump for whatever reasons need to look beyond that and objectively weigh his own loyalty to the America first principles and consider his value on that scale. His accomplishments, when viewed objectively apart from the mainstream media propaganda assaults against him, speak well and loudly.

So let us abandon and reject the Republican party just as we have done the Democrat party because they are, in reality, the two sides of one symbiotic coin that is responsible for most of the damage done to our constitutional republic. We have much work to do to salvage our republic and we have no time or surplus to waste any effort on a party that not only is dying in its own right but that has expressed its hostility and enmity toward that which is healthy and best for We The People.

Let us embrace America first principles and work together to make a party that serves our interests for a change. America First Patriot Party.

Neil Girrard can be reached for questions or comments at or on Telegram @Neil_AFP_NM. His other political articles can be found here.