Fellow Citizens of Lincoln County, New Mexico:

Cynthia Black, the newly elected Lincoln County GOP chair, has started to turn all our grassroots efforts toward citizen preparedness, civil disobedience and peaceful resistance into support for the GOP sooner than even I expected. Her Feb. 1 letter as the new party chair betrays her intention to use the grassroots efforts of various Lincoln communities to build up support for the Republican party.

Cynthia wrote:

To quote NMGOP Chair Steve Pearce from his podcast a couple of weeks ago: "we're moving into a period of great persecution of conservatives in New Mexico and the nation. We must fight back, no matter what it takes, no matter how long it takes. We've got to ethically fight back and resist everything that they're trying to do until the power of these corporate giants [Facebook, etc.] is broken."

This is the same Steve Pearce who has done nothing to stop or even slow down Gov. Grisham's efforts to tyrannize New Mexico. Pearce does not have a spine and does not know how to fight. But he does know how to manipulate the party so that 76 votes (out of a party machine of 500 to 750 members and out of 425,000 registered New Mexican Republicans) delivers him the state party chair. He can steal that election even while most Republicans were standing up to Stop the Steal of Trump's election. Further, the GOP party websites aren't being removed from Twitter or Facebook but the new Trump Patriot Party accounts are. Pearce's words are mere theatrics and optics to fool the unwary because social media is not where our worst battles are to be faced.

Cynthia wrote:

That's my goal - the great push back.

With Pearce at the helm, push back won't happen. And whatever Cynthia manages to accomplish in Lincoln County will only go to support people like Pearce and the party that betrayed Trump, perhaps the best President this nation has ever had. The Republican party's betrayal of Trump is a major reason we now have the illegitimate "President" Biden. Once again, good intentions are paving the road to hell.

Cynthia wrote:

As Republicans we have the power to make a real difference and all we have to do is unite...

Small problem: GOP is the party that betrayed Trump and America. Protecting the illegal election fraud machine was much more important to them than protecting the Republic. The GOP is the second half of the swamp uniparty. Even Ted Cruz has turned against President Trump. The Republicans will never make a real difference ever again because more than half of Republicans know that it's time for a new party that is free of the treason, corruption and betrayal that now earmarks the Republican party. Many people became Republicans just to support and vote for Trump. These and many other Republicans have ceased to be Republicans and have now vowed to see the GOP crumble along with the Democrat party. We The People are not going to unite behind a corrupt political machine just to have a candidate elected who, when the day is done, is no different than a Democrat. This call to unite with the corrupted GOP is as misguided as Biden's call for "unity."

Cynthia wrote:

As RPLC Chair, my goals are first to organize, unite and grow our community, inform and educate on policy, legislation and issues, and push back and fight when required. Our people are patriots who have served and love our country, and want to preserve our way of life.

Cynthia's first goal is to organize everyone under the GOP banner even as, at the community meetings, she says this is not her goal. She proudly proclaims it here in her letter to Republicans but denies it when faced with people who are simply done with the dishonest Republican party. More dishonest "politics as usual" from the Lincoln County GOP chair. Sad but not surprising.

Cynthia wrote:

Following from that [the grassroots effort that "starts with us, with a small group in your living room or deck."] is re-electing the outstanding officials we already have and working to elect a quality Republican Governor in 2022.

Here's her goal - to re-elect Steve Pearce as the next GOP Governor. When someone tells us what they're about, we should listen. This is the grand scheme of the Republican party to save our nation from the Communists - elect more Republican career politicians. This is precisely the worst possible strategy and precisely why GOP leadership must be removed from our community grassroots consideration. And this is the ONLY strategy the GOP has - keep electing more Republican officials who accomplish nothing when we need our leaders most.

And even if by some miracle, the 2022 GOP candidate for Governor turns out to not be Steve Pearce, the election is rigged for the Democrats or for a RINO. Cynthia betrays here that GOP has no intention to address the election fraud exposed in Trump's election. Going straight from grassroots manipulation and diversion back to GOP "politics as usual." We're going to keep doing things the way we've always done them and hope for a different result. She even says elsewhere she intends to "once again share fellowship at Cree Meadows Country Club" - just as soon as the lowly peasants and peons are brought into order under Cynthia's and the GOP's superior direction, of course. Thanks, Cynthia, but no thanks - we're done with that.

Cynthia wrote:

In the meantime, I'm determined to build a precinct and/or super-precinct model of organizing in this county - all we need is you and your living room!

A visit to the RPLCNM.org Leadership page reveals whom Cynthia considers the leaders of the precincts.

No one I know ever got to vote for any of these people. If these people were elected at the Jan. 16th RPLC "election" whereby the five officers (who ran unopposed) were "elected" to the chairs by about 20 to 30 people - likely the same 20 to 30 people listed as the Lincoln County Central Committee Members - it sure looks like they all just elected themselves to whatever positions they wanted. We The People are simply not allowed to participate in the GOP elections, not even for our own precinct representatives. In truth, these people seem to have been appointed rather than elected as it is just a list of Lincoln County's usual GOP suspects - many of the people on the County Central Committee are related or married to someone there or in a party chair! Note also, over half of the precincts have zero representation while other precincts have several people representing them - one precinct has 8 representatives (coincidentally one of the wealthiest precincts) and 6 precincts have 2! This is just more elitist nepotism and favoritism from someone coming in claiming to intend to make a difference!

Cynthia wrote:

Thank you for the opportunity to serve,

Why does Cynthia thank the registered Republicans for the opportunity to "serve" them? Virtually none of the 7,500 registered Lincoln County Republicans got to vote for her. No one opposed her. She took the position because she wanted to use it purportedly to bring about change from within the party - and no one else wanted it at all. This is much more like the Soviet Politburo than America and she's just using her access to the party mailing list to spread her propaganda.

Lincoln County, New Mexico, America needs a party that is connected with the people. 76 people in New Mexico have faith in Steve Pearce as state party chair. 20 to 30 people in Lincoln County have faith in Cynthia Black as county party chair. It's just not enough.

70 million plus people watched the election of their beloved President Trump stolen by the Democrats who were aided and abetted by the Republicans. Now Cynthia just wants us to forget all that and just come back into the GOP fold like good, blind sheeple.

Hard pass.

We need to form a new RINO-free party and this is in the works. It is the America First Patriot Party of New Mexico. AFPofNM.org If these blind GOP zealots would put the same time and effort into a new party instead of trying to absorb our grassroots efforts back into the corrupt GOP party machine, we might already have the party up and running. And we might already be making progress toward influencing our county and local leaders toward real changes instead of enduring more of the spineless "solutions" suggested by the GOP because some misguided people think they can just take over the county party machine and make real changes.

Look again at George Orwell's "Animal Farm." Without Boxer the huge draft horse, Napoleon the tyrant pig would have been nothing. Look again at Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged." Without Dagney Taggert keeping the family railroad running, corrupt looter JimTaggert would probably have been a pimp and in jail. Just think of all the people keeping the GOP alive simply because they can't see past the lies GOP has gotten them to believe: "Without the GOP, you can't get good candidates elected." Well, even with the GOP we don't get that many good candidates elected - mostly just a handful of RINOs. What's the difference?

We The People of Lincoln County, New Mexico and America need to be the difference. This is our last and likely only chance to reject the Republican/Democrat uniparty system that has brought us to this brink of collapse and Communist takeover. We must fight all the corruption - which includes the GOP party - like our lives depend on it.

Because they do.


Neil Girrard

Feb. 2, 2021

Neil Girrard can be reached for questions or comments at neilgirrard@gmail.com or on Telegram @Neil_AFP_NM. His other political articles can be found here.