At What Point?

Neil Girrard
Jan. 13, 2021

At what point do we simply admit that "the right" is just about as loony as "the left"? Especially when it comes to the Republican Party vs the Democrat Party.

New Mexico GOP Chair Steve Pearce's statement regarding Democrat calls for impeachment in response to the January 6th Washington DC violence:

“This kind of rhetoric and action by lawmakers in Washington only pours more fuel on the political fires raging across the nation. We condemn all violence and what took place at the U.S. Capitol last week, but now is the time for our country to move forward. Our nation needs to reunite as a democracy and the healing process must begin.” (Jan. 11, 2021)

Pearce is delusional. "We condemn...what took place at the U.S. Capitol last week..."

Well, no duh. Er, that is, what exactly does he mean? What does Pearce think "took place"?

Inferred is the mainstream media's mantra that it is Trump supporters who should take all the blame on their shoulders for what happened in Washington DC. We should just let Trump fade off into the pages of history and simply capitulate to the Communist power grab that Biden represents.

Facts: (and these facts are documented in pictures, videos and reports even as big tech is making much effort to make them all disappear.)

Antifa infiltrated the rally at the Capitol building on January 6th and were actively trying to enter the building while many Trump supporters were still on their way there from Trump's speech. It was Antifa members who shattered windows and destroyed property. Trump supporters tried to stop them.

Capitol police opened gates and doors and directed people in. Some even posed for selfies with the "rioters" who were videoed walking peacefully past police guards or even seen chatting with police officers.

Trump supporters (though some did go into the Capitol building as directed by Capitol police and urged on by Antifa wearing Trump gear) are hardly to blame for what damage was done to the building by Antifa members. The left has perpetrated and condoned months of violence in an effort to bring in Marxist policies and one day of moderate damage to the Capitol building has gotten infinitely much more publicity than did months of leftist rioting, burning, looting, pillaging and even murder done in the name of George Floyd.

Daily more information is coming out that Trump did not incite the violence nor were his supporters the primary cause of what actually happened.

Pearce's condemnation overlooks the fact that around a million people stood outside and peacefully protested the stealing of the election from Donald Trump and the American people. Had that million plus people been directed by Trump to invade the Capitol building - as mass media falsely accuses - there would not have been many members of Congress left to betray Trump and America.

As a result of these delusions (that Pearce has apparently agreed with), leftist politicians now urge violence upon those that disagree with their policies and actions. State Representative Liz Thomson has said that every Trump follower should be "branded with a scarlet S for seditionist... [and] never be given any position of power or responsibility, nor should they ever be given a platform to spread their lies." (Jan. 8, 2021, Twitter)

Leftists like Thomson are free to call for violence, shaming and suppression in the name of their own delusions and deceptions. But anyone who speaks the truth must be silenced. This is the left's intent: to indoctrinate, "reprogram," and inter Trump supporters once the sociopathic left takes full power.

At what point is this leftist hypocrisy going to be confronted and stopped? And by what means?

Pearce said, "We condemn all violence..." "No violence ever" is a liberal delusional pipe dream that is designed only to keep good people asleep while evil people take over. Pearce has bought into this deception, lock, stock and barrel. The truth remains: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

Violence is defined as: "behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something." The action does not include any hint of the motive behind the act, indicating that violence may indeed have legitimate expressions. Consider:

The military is trained to give out the most violence in a violent environment - that is the nature of war. "Get there (in the fight) first and with overwhelming force (and you will dominate the battle)." Thus the expression "to git thar fust with the most men.” (Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest - whatever else he was, he was a feared general during the Civil War and his philosophy is still in use in the military today.) War is not a preferred solution but there are conditions where war is unavoidable because not everyone, especially psychopathic despots, lives under the philosophy of "live and let live." We should also note that the same Congress that is crying so loudly about the "violence" of January 6th are also the same individuals who routinely vote to perpetuate endless wars that fill their pockets with millions of dollars and bring so many of our American soldiers home dead, the victims of violence in other countries.

Law enforcement officers must meet violence with controlled violence or else, anytime a criminal resists arrest, they must simply surrender and hope the criminals will put themselves in handcuffs, sit themselves in the backseat of the police car and present themselves to jail to remain under the control of the legal system that is supposed to diminish criminal activity. The left acts as if they believe criminals are stupid enough to do just that - or that such an approach will reduce crime.

Self-defense is violence that prevents or stops unlawful acts of violence and prevents another person from being robbed, assaulted or killed, a wife or girlfriend from being raped or a child from being molested.

At what point does violence become okay?

For the left, violence was okay long ago. Burning, looting, destroying, even murdering was acceptable in the name of reverse racism all summer long. Not a word of condemnation was spoken by the left - in fact, some mockingly dismissed it as a myth or a mere idea. Tell that to David Dorn's widow. But for the right (especially according to the left), violence is never okay. And the right is stupid enough to agree with this double standard.

Wherever the point of "violent but acceptable" removal of people and practices actually is, the answer cannot be a completely delusional embracing of "all violence is always wrong" nor can it be a lopsided acceptance of violence by one side and a complete rejection of any and all violence on the other side.

Wherever the line actually is, we need to stand on that line because the left wants to remove all lines for themselves while holding others to unrealistic lines that allows the left to bring their insanity to power. That is completely unacceptable.

So even though lefitsts and morons and idiots will take what I'm saying and distort it for their own agendas - as they do every other piece of reality, logic and wisdom - I will call for controlled violence: that is, the appropriate use of violence by our military and law enforcment officers to stop criminal psychopaths from destroying the lives of law abiding citizens. I will also call for the appropriate use of violence by law abiding citizens who are defending themselves and their precious family members from being destroyed by some criminal or lunatic or zealot out to steal for his next high or simply for his own perverse "pleasures" or even for his delusional political agenda. Anyone who will not call for this is either insane or a criminal.

I will not call for senseless or mindless violence - especially not the violence of the meth or crack head who steals from or destroys others in pursuit of his or her own self destruction. I do not call for the organized violence where sociopaths and psychopaths exert their will upon their slaves and victims as abusive spouses, cartels and mafias do. I do not call for the mob violence that burns cities, kills people and destroys businesses and lives in the worship of reverse racism. In fact, those kinds of violence, I emphatically and abhorrently condemn. Anyone who does call for or even condone this is insane or a criminal.

The left seems intent on being criminally insane. And the right seems stupidly foolish enough to let them.

Make no mistake though. If we do not call for the former violence, we will experience the latter violence. For most of humanity, this is a no-brainer. This is the nature of human existence. "The line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being." (Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Gulag Archipelago) If we do not encourage and propel people to the goodness that is in their heart, circumstances, bad education and even evil spirits will drive and propel people to the evil that is equally resident in their hearts. This is how it is - only a fool denies the reality that he has been born into a burning house.

And yet that is precisely what Steve Pearce is buying into. He is out of his league - has been for decades. Yet this is the man who manages to continually put himself into the highest position of Republican leadership. It's time for a change, New Mexico. New Mexico needs leaders who will put America and New Mexico's needs before their own desires for power and career. Pearce has become little more than the same voices in DC calling for Trump to capitulate to the theft of America's elections, the same kind of politician who will steal his own election for party chair while making speeches about election fraud.

We can do so much better than this, New Mexico. We must.

Neil Girrard can be reached for questions or comments at or on Telegram @Neil_AFP_NM. His other political articles can be found here.