Four Blind Mice

Lincoln County Commissioners Fear “The Texans Are Coming!”

Neil Girrard
April 25, 2020

The resolution to petition the Governor to re-open non-essential businesses in Lincoln County was brought before Lincoln’s County Commission and rejected in a 4-1 vote.

Lincoln County’s Commissioners lack wisdom, courage, knowledge, brains and balls.

The only commissioner sporting all these seemed to be the only female. I’m not an Elaine Allen fan for many good reasons – thus it was entirely mind boggling that she would be the only one to reach a sane conclusion.

“I do not want this burden on my shoulders,” said Lincoln County Commissioner Preston Stone about a proposed resolution to petition the governor to re-open non-essential businesses in Lincoln County, during the April 21 regular meeting held by Zoom teleconferencing. (Unless otherwise noted, all indented quotations are from Lincoln County News, “County Commissioners Reject Resolution to Re-open Businesses, Appoints Committee of Government / Business Leaders to Plan,” April 23, 2020)

Fortunately for Lincoln County, Preston Stone will wind up his term and not be up for re-election. Unfortunately for Lincoln County, that didn’t happen soon enough. If Mr. Cowardly doesn’t want all the deaths to be on his shoulders, there’s all those people called his constituents. Did he remember them? I’m sure he talked to some people but did he and the rest of the commissioners ever think once of at least surveying what the people wanted here? They could have even put it to a special referendum. The Governor’s quarantine order is already Constitutionally repugnant. Oh, right. The County Commissioners don’t read that document much, do they? It’s only the highest law in the land. No reason to pay any attention to that!

So Preston Stone fails right out of the gate. But it gets worse.

“I don’t believe this is appropriate at this time,” he said summarizing the thoughts of three other commissioners. “Lincoln County has been very blessed to have just one case, and my perception is if we do this to encourage people to open we’ll be a target and we’re asking to infect people as this virus has no choice on who will be hit,” Stone added.

Target? Lincoln county is a target for Chinese virus infected people? Preston has been in quarantine too long and isn’t thinking clearly. He should have found more or different people to talk to before shooting off his mouth. Encourage? How about simply permit businesses to reopen if he has no courage of his own. This quarantine lockdown is already unConstitutional. Oh, right. The Constitution is not on his reading list.

“From my perception, anything we do right now opening one of the largest tourist resorts in the United States is asking for more ill people in Lincoln County,” Stone said. (Ruidoso News, “Lincoln commissioners hesitant to reopen too quickly” April 23, 2020, link )

Here is a perfect display of the delusions and misinformation under which these Commissioners operate. Lincoln County is one of the largest tourist resorts in the U.S.? Not on any list I’ve found. “America’s 25 Largest Resorts” mentions neither Lincoln County, Ruidoso nor even Ski Apache. ( link ) Stone is simply delusional.

Some of the commissioners took Stone’s stance after hearing Dr. Steven Otero chief physician at Lincoln County Medical Center say that in the 300 COVID-19 tests given just the one case about two weeks ago tested positive for COVID-19, which makes it difficult to predict the future surge of the virus cases. “Now it is a waiting game,” Dr. Otero added.

It’s difficult for this doctor to predict the future surge but the four blind mice are absolutely certain Lincoln County will experience the worst case scenario. The Lincoln County News article lists only two medical people as speaking at the meeting. And, of course, there was no public input. Lincoln County Commissioners have worked long and hard to squeeze the people out of the discussions of the issues that come up. Every individual is given only two minutes to speak during the first hour of the meeting day – everything said will be long forgotten (if it wasn’t just completely ignored in the first place) by the time the issue arises on the agenda. With the coronavirus as a convenient excuse, even this mere pittance was denied the people of Lincoln County.

Was any other doctor invited to speak? This is Lincoln County Medical Center’s doctor and it would seem his material was rather balanced, even neutral – but the Commissioners responded in fear. However, LCMC is not entirely neutral – LCMC stands to get a lot of money from this crisis and the county. (It already has gotten some – link ) It is also becoming known that Governor Grisham’s models for New Mexico are as skewed as the ones relied on by WHO, CDC, Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci. ( Can You Live Without Risk? ) One would think that with all this quarantine down time, much better research could have been presented at this meeting.

Commissioners did ask Dr. Otero his opinion about the Resolution to open non-essential businesses and he said as long as people practiced good habits of social distancing (six feet apart), face masks, washing hands, wearing gloves and limiting the number of customers in each business it could work. However he pointed out that some local small businesses are so small customers could not social distance.

So, should this entire resolution have been voted down because a few local small businesses are too small to practice social distancing? Why not simply say that any business that could not practice safety would have to remain closed or find an alternative that works? What is the County Commission’s aversion to common sense really all about here?

“My fear is when we allow tourists the rate of infection will increase and we will see more patients,” Dr. Otero added.

Fear? We’re going to make a decision based on fear? Everyone says the government is making these decisions based on science! But in reality, these spineless jellyfish are afraid of what tourists might bring into the state. In March, Governor Grisham ordered:

Under the governor’s order, air travelers to New Mexico are required to self-isolate for at least 14 days or for the duration of their stay in the state, whichever is shorter. (Mar. 27, 2020 Press Release )

Why haven’t any of these brilliant politicians (from Lincoln County and/or around the state) questioned Grisham on why this is only for air travel? Why didn’t anyone ask her to extend it to those who drive into the state? Did no one from Lincoln County Commission never think that Texans driving into the state could be a source of contagion? Do we elect and pay these people to be stupid?

Todd Oberheu, operations manager, had also reported about the readiness of LCMC with being about to double the capacity for ICU and medical beds; also since Lincoln County has had so much time to prepare, it has ordered and stocked up on personal protection equipment and ventilators. However, if the number of cases was to surge due to outside community spread, the hospital could find itself unable to meet the demand, Oberheu said.

Lincoln County is surrounded by seven counties that are not magnets for Texas tourists. If we look at the map of NM as provided by KRQE ( map ) we find this:

In the event that this Texan based surge materializes, there are at least 4 neighboring counties who could provide some hospital beds. It is also true that, IF the feared surge should start to overwhelm LCMC, a MASH type army hospital can be set up through the Feds within a few days. No, it looks more like LCMC just wants to get all available Covid-19 money and our influenced Commissioners seem to want us to forget that LCMC is not the only resource available to Lincoln County. Duh.

It should also be noted that Chaves county, with its many more CV19 cases, still passed the resolution. ( link ) So also has Otero county. ( link ) Eddy ( link ) and Lea (report unconfirmed at this time) counties, though further away, have also passed a similar resolution. Other counties are considering – and will likely pass – this resolution. Apparently these counties have commissioners with courage and conviction.

The Resolution proposed was supported by Commissioner Elaine Allen who thanked the governor for her actions to close the state that prevented a huge outbreak in New Mexico. “We’re just asking her to redefine essential business, because small business owners are suffering,” she added.

Actually, the Governor is not to be so thanked. Other states have handled the shut down with far less infringement on the rights of citizens. Some have not included any mandatory lockdown and the statistics are much the same with or without the lockdown.

Allen’s statement that “small business owners are suffering” is shallow, at best. Perhaps she said something further that was not quoted in the article. But many small businesses, even in Lincoln County, will close permanently. Allen is primarily interested in the tourist business that goes through “historic” Lincoln, a community that foolishly relies only on the tourist industry to stay solvent. Truth is, many of these business owners will soon likely be forced to rely on foodstamps and/or government assistance just to stay alive. It seems the Governor desires this dependence so that she can control the citizens of the state.

Allen said she did not think tourists “will idle in” if the county was to allow non-essential small businesses to reopen.

Commission Chair Dallas Draper who lives in the Ruidoso area, said Texas visitors are already here, and Texas is easing restrictions. He said the neighboring “nightly rentals” were all full last weekend with mostly Texas plate vehicles.

Stone said in the nine mile drive last Sunday from his ranch north of the Capitan mountains to the Brewer Ranch (near Fort Stanton/ Capitan) he saw 11 vehicles with 50 percent having Texas plates.

If these spineless jellyfish Commissioners are so afraid of the impact Texans will have, why do they not ask Governor Grisham to place a 14 day quarantine on all out-of-state visitors who come to Ruidoso? Why do they force New Mexico business owners to pay the cost? This is just foolish short-sightedness. Lincoln County, especially its business owners, will now pay the price for the Lincoln County Commission not allowing other voices to be heard.

“We are very fortunate our people are doing social distancing, but I guarantee if we reopen we are fooling ourselves,” Stone added.

Preston Stone has a crystal ball or a time machine that allows him to know the future? No, he is merely speaking from fear and not science nor faith. Just like President Trump’s intelligent mitigation tactics has significantly reduced virus casualties, so too now could some wise mitigation tactics both reduce casualties and preserve businesses. But such thinking is too lofty for Lincoln’s blind mice commissioners.

Commissioner Lynn Willard who is a retired veterinarian who has background in epidemiology said whenever he goes out he wears a face mask and gloves and keeps distance from others. However the other day he visited a local hardware store to make purchases and found all staff without face masks nor gloves and most everyone but himself in the store had no masks. He also said a friend of his looking for antler sheds on the forest encountered many vehicles, most with Texas plates.

Willard, whose term unfortunately does not end until 2022, is not the insightful genius he presumes himself to be. In fact, he should be recalled for his action in this crisis. In all this time with people not wearing masks, we have had ONE case (a second case – details unknown – has, on the same day as this vote, now occurred in Lincoln County). Perhaps Mr. Paranoia should recognize the fact that ZERO spread has occurred in Lincoln County in spite of few people (except paranoid liberals such as himself) wearing masks and the feared mass invasion of Texans (who seem to be going out into the forest rather than idling in the tourist traps of Ruidoso and Lincoln County) has not produced any spread either.

“If we get an outbreak here it will go wild,” Willard said.

Apparently Willard has the same crystal ball and time machine Stone has. It probably has a twist cap or pop tab on top too. This is either drunken stupor or simply paranoid speculation. The virus is vulnerable to sunshine and is transmitted more often inside than outside. Lincoln County is an outdoor county! In addition, avoidance of contracting the virus is not the only solution. The hydroxychloroquine and zithromax drugs are working as a therapy to bring about recovery. Recovered patients will have antibodies. This therapy is also being explored and utilized. Willard’s paranoid speculation is more a product of ignorance than of research or special knowledge of the future.

“I am glad this is in the Governor’s hands,” [Willard] continued. “If we open non-essential business, Ruidoso will be in for it.”

This is political stupidity at its most egregious – and it shows that Willard is aligned with our Democrat-Socialist Governor. Grisham is a socialist who is using this crisis to render New Mexico powerless to resist her power grab and takeover. Willard’s blind enthusiasm for this crisis to be in her hands is insanity. Grisham is using this crisis to both draw in as much Federal funds as possible and to render as many citizens as possible entirely dependent upon government funding. She intends to convert New Mexico into a progressive nightmare and socialistic dystopia. Willard is simply one of her useful idiots. Lenin still needs his dupes!

County Manager Nita Taylor said the resolution would fall in line with an initiative by U.S. President Donald Trump, a measure of which would give state governors the authority to make decisions about how their states, and political subdivisions within their state, proceed in the coming weeks and months. (Ruidoso News, “Lincoln commissioners hesitant to reopen too quickly” April 23, 2020, link )

The simple fact that this resolution is in line with President Trump’s initiative is not nearly as important as the fear which drives these four blind mice. Trump is the first President to respond to a national disaster by decentralizing power. New Mexico has a governor that wants power centralized in her hands. The safest kind of government is local government because it is closest to the people. This kind of political wisdom is far beyond the reach of Lincoln County’s mice who are not men.

Willard said he was also concerned about language in the proposed resolution that stated the efforts to prevent the spread of the virus were as much a threat as the virus itself. “This virus poses death for some people,” Willard said. “And it will happen in Lincoln County if we open too soon.”

Willard has apparently also been drinking too much of the mainstream media fake news koolaid and is believing the hysteria and psyop propanganda. Willard will make the virus have worse consequences in Lincoln County than it needs to be. These “intellectuals” who can only see how horrible death by Covid-19 will be – but who can’t see that death by starvation or suicide or as a crime victim or even that life as a slave in Grisham’s socialist dystopia is worse than this virus – these are incredibly naïve, even irrational. It simply does not occur to these ivory tower “intellectuals” that there are worse things than dying. That insight belongs to manhood, to mature adulthood.

Commissioner Tom Stewart had few comments.

Since the other two were doing such a fine job of pushing the fear mongering hysteria, there was not much need for Stewart to say anything. Stewart, who used to be the County Manager, has long been accused of having a liberal agenda that undermines the constitutional republic that is America. (Anyone else remember Jerry Carroll?) For Stewart to sit silently while the county falls into his agenda is not surprising.

Draper made final comments that Lincoln County is very unique compared to other counties such as Lea county which adopted the resolution to petition the governor to redefine non-essential business allow them to reopen. “I get the concerns for the small businesses, but they are not immune to this. There are 549 cases in El Paso and increasing number of vehicles with Texas/ El Paso plates with people who could be carriers,” Draper said.

Lincoln County is built primarily on the least reliable of industries – tourism. But it is by no means the only one. A two week quarantine on out-of-state arrivals and/or a temporary moratorium on tourist traps would suffice. Lincoln County does not have to drown the baby just to drain the bath water!

Draper said two big issues in the county are the new hospital and the horse race track which at this time is listing May 1 as when horses and their associated trainers and other staff begin to arrive for the season.

Again these “big issues” are resolved by enforcing a 2 week quarantine on all out of state visitors or new arrivals. There is no reason to make Lincoln County’s supposedly “non-essential” businesses bear the burden caused by the fear of these spineless jellyfish. These businesses are essential to those whose lives depend upon them.

Draper also said he wanted rather than a resolution, to appoint a committee of governmental officials (including county), business leaders and others in the communities to begin developing specific plans for re-opening the county in a safe manner. He said for instance, Capitan has limited visitors and perhaps could begin to reopen sooner than Ruidoso.

The commissioners, though they rejected the resolution, at least adopted this idea. Elaine Allen said, “I support you doing anything that will help people be able to make a living.” (Ruidoso News, “Lincoln commissioners hesitant to reopen too quickly” April 23, 2020, link ) Lincoln County can only hope this committee can accomplish what these spineless jellyfish failed to do – align the county with President Trump’s initiatives that simultaneously combat the coronavirus spread and further return political power to the people.

“But if we open the flood gates as Texas is releasing its restrictions, Ruidoso will be open for business with money and the virus,” Draper said.

Here is simply more of the paranoid, faithless speculation that wasn’t confronted by the voice of other more knowledgeable, wiser voices of the people. This is only more of the death of our republic that has been incrementally encroaching upon us.

Stewart made the motion to approve the resolution and Allen had seconded it. On a roll call vote Stewart voted no, Allen yes, Draper no, Willard no, Stone no.

Congratulations, Elaine Allen, you were a far better man here than the four blind mice spineless jellyfish “men” on the County Commission. It’s not often that you stand head and shoulders above these four.

Neil Girrard can be reached for questions or comments at or on Telegram @Neil_AFP_NM. His other political articles can be found here.