July 2018 LHPB Meeting:

John Amistae’s Statements

Note: The complete transcript for this meeting is not yet available. In the interim, specific statements made at this meeting will be posted on this site and answered by Neil and Cindy Girrard. Excerpts from the transcript are in normal type - comments in response by Neil and Cindy Girrard are in blue.

* * * * *

Amistae: I am, of course, completely lacking in the context. [laughter] I’ve come into this in the middle of the story so I think the appropriate thing for me to do is keep my ears open and my mouth shut on this issue.

This is all John Amistae had to say regarding the “Girrard issue.” What he says is fascinating. His response is illuminating. At the end of this kangaroo trial Amistae still believes himself to be “completely lacking in the context” of this conflict! Nothing written regarding this issue was placed in their packets (by which they are supposed to make their decisions) and absolutely no evidence of what Smith actually said was presented at any time in this meeting or else Amistae would have had sufficient information to render a verdict! Amistae’s statements give evidence that already a lot of “the story” has occurred without his participation as well as evidence that he is still uninformed as to what is really going on! The only question remaining is this: is Amistae to be commended for honorably staying out of any decision based on the non- and mis-information presented at this farce or was he just practicing self-preservation to keep from being caught in the trap of deception this meeting became?